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Online Business and Career

ONLINE BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT Online business and investment are becoming increasingly popular in today’s digital age. Here are some aspects and tips you might want to consider:   1. E-COMMERCE Many companies are utilizing e-commerce to reach a global audience. E-commerce businesses involve selling goods or services over the internet. Starting an online store requires

Career Opportunities and Tips For 2023 Youth

INTRODUCTION A career can be defined as a person’s chosen occupation or profession that they pursue over a significant period of their life, often involving education, training, and job experiences. A career is not just a job but a long-term journey that may involve various roles, companies, and industries. It is an individual’s path of

The State Of Nigeria Economy and Solutions

THE CURRENT STATE OF THE NIGERIAN ECONOMY  Nigeria is one of the largest economies in Africa, with a gross domestic product (GDP) of $448 billion in 2019. Nigeria’s economy is heavily dependent on oil exports, which account for over 90% of its export earnings and over 50% of government revenue. In 2020, Nigeria recorded its