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Retirement Plans (Benefits and Challenges of Retirement)

  INTRODUCTION Retirement is the stage of life where a person withdraws from the workforce and stops earning an income. It is usually associated with older age and is a time for relaxation, leisure, and enjoying the fruits of one’s labor.   TYPES OF RETIREMENT There are different types of retirement, depending on the circumstances

Suicidal thoughts and How can I manage my suicidal thoughts

  INTRODUCTION Suicidal thoughts refer to thoughts of ending one’s own life. They can range from fleeting thoughts to more persistent and intense thoughts about self-harm or suicide. It’s essential to take these thoughts seriously and seek help if you or someone you know is experiencing them.   TYPES OF SUICIDAL THOUGHT 1. PASSIVE SUICIDAL

How Can I Balance School And Work Responsibilities?

  HOW CAN I BALANCE SCHOOL AND Work RESPONSIBILITIES? Balancing school and work responsibilities can be challenging, but it is possible to manage both effectively with proper planning and organization. Here are some tips to help you maintain a better balance: 1. Create a schedule – Develop a time management plan that includes designated hours

Different Types of Test Questions (Advantages and Disadvantages of Test Questions)

  INTRODUCTION TO TEST QUESTIONS Test questions refer to the specific inquiries or prompts that are presented to individuals or students during an assessment or examination. These questions are designed to assess knowledge, understanding, critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and overall comprehension of a particular subject or topic. The purpose of test questions is to

Training and Retraining Of Teachers (The Main Reasons, Challenges and Solutions to the Challenges of Training and Retraining of Teachers)

  TRAINING AND RETRAINING OF TEACHERS TEACHER TRAINING refers to the initial preparation that aspiring teachers undergo before they begin their teaching career. It typically occurs during their formal education, such as when they complete a teaching degree or certification program. Training programs focus on equipping aspiring teachers with the foundational knowledge, skills, and strategies

Ways to Improve Parent -Teacher Communication (Importance and Challenges of Parent – Teacher Communication)

  PARENT – TEACHER COMMUNICATION Parent-teacher communication is a crucial aspect of a child’s academic success. It involves regular and open communication between parents and teachers to exchange information, discuss any concerns or challenges, and work together to support the child’s learning and development. Parent-teacher communication is key to enhancing a child’s educational experience. It

15 Do’s and Don’ts Life Lesson

    LIFE LESSON 1. Don’t lend money to your family. Give it. 2. Never shake a hand while sitting down. 3. Stop telling people more than they need to know. 4. Never eat the last piece of something you didn’t buy. 5. Don’t throw your friend under the bus to impress someone. 6. Never

Facts And Purpose Of Autospy (8 Things To Know About Autopsy)

  FACTS ABOUT AUTOSPY  An autopsy, also known as a post-mortem examination, is to determine the cause of death of an individual by conducting a thorough examination of their body. Autopsies are typically performed by medical professionals, such as pathologists, and involve a systematic dissection and analysis of organs, tissues, and bodily fluids.   DURATION