Narrative Eassy (My First Day at School)



I walked nervously through the school gates, clutching my backpack tightly in my hands. The air was filled with a mixture of excitement and anxiety as students hurriedly made their way to their classrooms. As I stepped into the busy hallway, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by the unfamiliar faces and bustling atmosphere.

Finding my locker, I struggled to open it, fumbling with the lock until a kind student nearby offered to help. Grateful for their assistance, I gratefully thanked them and began unpacking my books and supplies. The hallways seemed to be a maze, with different classrooms on each floor and students rushing past me.

As the bell rang, indicating the start of the first period, I nervously made my way to my classroom. I took a deep breath, pushed open the door, and entered the room. The noise immediately died down, and all eyes turned to me. I could feel my face turning red as I looked for an empty seat.


Luckily, the teacher greeted me warmly and introduced me to the class. The students smiled and some said hello, which made me feel a little more at ease. Throughout the day, I listened attentively to the teachers, taking notes and participating when I felt confident enough.

During lunchtime, I joined a few students at a table, striking up conversations and getting to know them better. They were friendly and welcoming, making me feel a little less like an outsider. We talked about our interests, classes, and favorite hobbies, slowly starting to form connections.

As the day went on, I began to feel more comfortable in my new surroundings. Though there were still moments of uncertainty and moments where I made small mistakes, I realized that everyone around me was also navigating this new environment.

By the end of the day, I gathered my belongings and bid farewell to my new friends. Stepping out of the school, I reflected on my first day. It may have been filled with nerves and moments of doubt, but it was also a day of growth, resilience, and new beginnings. I smiled, knowing that this was just the first step of a new chapter in my life, excited for what the rest of my school journey had in store.


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