The Perfect Device for Blogging

This blog is made for Nigerians by Nigeria. The reason for this particular blog is quite simple.

Many of the newbies believe that blogging start with computer devices. I don’t know where this kind of idea is coming from. Maybe from the training or their mentor. As far my blogging is concerned, I will recommend mobile phone and tablet for a start.

You can blog from virtually any mobile phone. Whether you are an android phone or iPhone. Your computer can serve as an update if you have one. But if you don’t, you are good to start with your android phone or tablet.


Often time, many people think that without laptops, you cannot start a blog. A lot of people have been struggling to start blogging with this kind of mindset. When forex trading becoming popular in Nigeria, there are much difficulties to start trading but now, trading has move pass the using of laptops. With your android or iPhone, you are good to start.

In my top blog and other blogs, 100% of setup and contents are done with android phone (mobile phones and tablets). Here are the collection of mobile phones and tablets that have been used – Tecno Driodpad 7D, Tecno Droipad 10D, Chuwi Hi10 Pro and Nokia T20.


You can use mobile devices or tablet to sign up and register your domain(s) and hosting. You can also use it to access the cPanel, install WordPress (the most popular website), install any theme and recommended plugins of your choice.

You can to create the header with menu and navigation bar, create content contents and highlight them. You can also be used for designing your sidebar outlook and footer with relevant links like a disclaimer, privacy policy, contact page, etc.


The advantage of using mobile phones over the use of laptops is that you can blog from anywhere because it is mobile and without being notice unlike when you open your laptop especially in the public places.


Basic requirements for choosing your devices for blogging including

1. Internet access and browser.

2. A good keyboard.

3. Simple image editing programs.

4. Storage space.

5. Video recording and editing capability.

6. At least 3 or 4 RAM.


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