The Thought and Frustration of New and Incoming Bloggers

Blogging is a very lucrative business, job,Blogging is a lucrative business, job, career, passion, etc. just like any other professions. Don’t make a mistake that blogging is not becoming a profession.

People are really cashing out big time on blogging. Blogging is not yahoo kind of job but it is honest ones that pays you what no ones else can pay. If you really knows doing, it is money making machines but a lot of people have this impression as If it simple like ABC.

Yes, it is really simple as ABC but their thoughts about blogging is really frustrating them because they got the wrong impression. In part of world that I belong (Nigeria), people are getting frustrated because of the training, mentor, the ideology that everyone is a copycat.

There are two types of CopyCat Bloggers — those who grab your articles, rewrite them to make them unique and post them under their own name, or simply those who copy-paste your work. Follow the link to continue reading.

This kind of impression frustrates their blogging interests. Just imagine, after successfully create a blog and get adsense approval after so many rejection still offers the blog and adsense for sales. Is that not interesting?


The following are their frustrations from the Facebook groups I joined:

1. How can I invest N20K on my blog and earn good ROI within 30 days without Ad Networks, Facebook Page, and Facebook Ad? PLEASE HELP A BLOGGER!


2. Please I am a new blogger, I need someone to tell me more about blogging.


2. Apart from me who else no like this Neil Patel guy from day one 😂😂 like he’s annoying.


3. 2 years I haven’t earned a dime from my blog. I’ll Get ads approval, Give up and sell it But after a while I’ll regret. Help me Oooooo.


4. Ahbeg, Where are the gurus that write and publish with AI? How do you people do it ? I tried using Ai to write articles even after fine-tuning it with Quillbot premium, it still won’t pass the Ai detector.. How una dey run am?


5. Unverified Naija Adsense for sale, $5 inside with domain extension. Price: 150k Negotiable.


6. Pls guys, how do I make my WordPress blog ready for adsense approval?


7. How can i build website on WordPress and set it running?


8. 10 article so far, but all of them are ranking between #13 – #30, 1 week old blog, no backlink, no traffic. How do I rank higher?


9. How much should I budget to run an entertainment blog including miscellaneous?


10. My site is no where to be found on Google Search. Must I add it on Google search console to be able to find it, abeg I need answers.


11. If you want to start a music blog, Buy this domain “KojiLoaded .com. Thank me late.


12. AI will not replace you… A person using AI will replace you. If you can’t build AI, learn how to use AI.


13. please I need help, I downloaded a theme for my blogger site, please how can I put it?


14. How much will it cost to set up a NGO WordPress website with donors & payment integration plugins – premium theme /plugins.


15. Can I make money blogging without adsense? If yes, how? How can I make money on my website, Aside using AdSense or Ads


16. Hi guys, Happy new year. Please which other ways can one make money from a new blog without Dancing along Google AdSense.?


17. can you make money from blogging without AdSense approval?


18. Blogging doesn’t pay as much as what I do presently that’s why I don’t have interest in it. Everyone is looking for a way . Blogging isn’t as before.


19. My blog was formerly showing Google ads some years back. I abandon it and after Google added some policies which calls for action I did not follow up, now am struggling for Google to show ads on my blog. I NEED HELP.


20. Any niche for a beginner you can advise? or someone i can watch on youtube that can help? thanks


21. Where can I buy legit traffic to increase adsense earnings.


22. Good day everyone for those that received AdSense pin from their post office how did it happen did you give them money please shared your experience to the other


23. Can i host my domain on Namecheap? If yes please i need guide coz i tried buying host i was required to add Namecheap DNS to my domain.


24. There are many more…. Good luck to you guys if you are one of them. It is really simple as ABC but not as you think. I can help you out.

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